Sunday, August 2, 2009

Final Course and Date set

My hand/wrist has recovered pretty well, but there is no way I can climb, so I have made one final change to the events. I am substituting a 4 km open water swim for the 400 ft of climbing. Actually, I think this makes the challenge harder.

So here is the NEW door-to-door, self-propelled 40th Birthday Challenge:

It will start early on Friday morning, 8/21, and must be completed within 40 hours
Bike 40 miles
the first 20 miles will be from home to Walnut Creek Park and the remaining 20 miles will be from Walnut Creek to Mansfield Dam.

Mountain Bike 40 km
25 km on the trails at Walnut Creek. The other 15 km on the Barton Creek greenbelt from Barton Springs to the top of the Hill of Life and then down to the house.

4 km open water swim
in Barton Springs pool(each lap is 1/4 mile)

Kayak 40 km
Put in at Mansfield Dam and paddle the entire length of Lake Austin, portage the dam, and then paddle down Town lake to Barton Springs

Eat party munchies from my past...
4 Top Raman
4 Slices Pizza
4 bao
4 orders of french fries
4 raw turkey franks
4 bags popcorn
4 orders of fried rice
4 pieces of fried chicken
4 jumbo dill pickles
4 hostess cupcakes

Drink 4 - 40 ouncers
Probably a mixture of cheap beers & malt liquor

The Course:


  1. I wish I could be there! Oh, the suffering that will ensue. Have fun!

  2. It's only supposed to get to 101F today so it won't be that bad! :)
    Looking forward to some crew support Saturday.