Monday, June 15, 2009

I'm not too old for all of this, am I?

So I am turning 40 this year. I figured that the birthday challenge had to be something special. I thought about making it truly epic, but who can compete with Stainless Steve's 40 days of hell? So I landed on something that is epic for me but also captures the spirit of the midlife crisis: doing a bunch of things that were probably better suited for me when I was 20 years younger!

The Challenge:
Taking a page from Steve's 2008 challenge, this will be a door-to-door, self-propelled challenge. It will start early on Friday morning, 7/31, and must be completed within 40 hours

Bike 40 km
on the roads from the house to Reimer's Ranch

Mountain Bike 40 km
on the trails at Reimer's

Climb 400 vertical feet
on short, steep limestone at Reimer's (5.10 or above)

Bike 40 km
split in two parts: 1) from Reimer's to lake Travis 2) from Lake Austin to the house

Kayak 40 km
20 km on lake Travis, portage the 278 ft Mansfield Dam, 20 km on Lake Austin

Eat party munchies from my past...
4 Top Raman
4 Slices Pizza
4 bao
4 orders of french fries
4 raw turkey franks
4 bags popcorn
4 orders of fried rice
4 pieces of fried chicken
4 jumbo dill pickles

Drink 4 - 40 ouncers
Probably a mixture of cheap beers & malt liquor

The Course:

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